April (15th), 2010, (Zhenjiang, China) - CKYH Alliance (COSCO, “K” LINE, Yang Ming, and Hanjin Shipping) announced complete success of its 2010 Summit Meeting held in Zhenjiang, China.

At the annual CKYH Summit meeting, CKYH Alliance members, being all fully aware of the severe challenges in the “post-crisis” era, re-affirmed to further strengthen the collaborative partnership and confirmed the direction of future development.


CKYH Alliance announced they would update the name as “CKYH - the Green Alliance” which embodies its strong determination on environmental protection. CKYH - the Green Alliance calls for collective efforts of implementing “Green Shipping” in order to well fulfill the responsibilities of Corporate Citizens. All Alliance members will take further measures such as eco- steaming for energy-saving and emission reduction, etc.


To overcome challenges facing the shipping industry, CKYH - the Green Alliance will continuously harmonize its services to enhance its core competitiveness. At the same time, all members will take positive action to take full advantage of regional transship hubs, build up extensive feeder networks, extend cooperation to the North/South trades & new emerging markets, widen the scope of cooperation to other sections of the Transport Chain by optimizing the alliance’s resources such as terminals, chassis, inter-modal facilities and equipment.


CKYH - the Green Alliance has always strived to build up a cohesive relationship with clients by offering the best services to meet their needs. In the future, CKYH - the Green Alliance will make utmost endeavors to provide high-quality, competitive, globally-integrated container shipping services to its esteemed customers, ensuring reliable, stable and comprehensive worldwide coverage.



工商時間結束  CKYH Alliance要改名了....


改成:  CKYH - the Green Alliance              


這樣馬上就環保了起來  是這樣嗎?


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